Welcome to Debt Survivor

As a credit consultant I come across an array of not only different credit situations but also financial situations. It has made me come to realize that someone's credit situation is almost a reflection of their finances. I mean most can not pay on something because they can not afford to. This led me to Debt Survivor. It led me to work on some tools that could assist people with their finances which will ultimately trickle down to their credit. I have never ran across someone with great credit that have finances that are out of whack. I mean that just does not happen because they go hand in hand.

I've been working on this project for a little bit over a year just because I wanted it to be done right. I too was in consumer debt so I decided to put myself on payroll so that I could truly see how this could be done like having one of my working clients do this. Let's just say that it was difficult for me to stick to a budget and really stick to the plan. I mean all change requires some work and effort. I am happy to announce that all of my consumer debt is a thing of the past. I will start to upload pictures in the upcoming weeks because I know that seeing is believing (as it should be). 

With that being said, this website has been divided to assist you with knowing exactly where you are so that you can know where you need to start working. Consider it your diagnosis. Look around and be sure to provide me with some feedback on how I can assist you during this journey. We are in this together!!


ebony cochran